Hubei Turquoise Stud Earrings

Hubei Turquoise Stud Earrings


A beautiful 14K setting featuring turquoise from the Hubei province of China. 14k gold posts and backs.

Sara Hideko [Sinclair] moved to the Navajo Nation reservation during the summer of 2014 with her husband to serve the Navajo people. Several months later, she commissioned a piece of jewelry from Teddy Draper Jr., a highly respected Navajo pastel artist and jeweler. After many visits, she asked Teddy if he took apprentices and quickly thereafter became a student.

Her middle name Hideko (pronounced he-da-ko) is her grandmother’s Japanese
name. As a child she was told it translated to ‘sunshine child’ and is represented by the sun in her hallmark stamp and logo. Her Japanese heritage has greatly influenced her work and her designs are inspired both by native silversmithing and the clean and modern aesthetics of the Japanese.

Sara is a trained molecular biologist and graduated from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine with a PhD shortly after moving to the reservation. Molecular biologists need to be detail oriented and take great care when working on experiments. Sara has since translated this focus and attention to her jewelry making and strives to create beautiful and high quality pieces that can be passed down through generations. Her pieces make a statement without being the statement and are designed to provide strength and confidence to the wearer. She continues to learn from Teddy and his wife Ophelia and is constantly pushing herself in both design and construction.

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