Outdoor Fabric

Maya Collection

Introducing the thickest, most texturized outdoor fabric ever made with Sunbrella® Performance Fabrics. Every one of our new fabrics incorporates Sunbrella® Renaissance yarns, an innovation in recycling that combines up to 50% post-industrial recycled Sunbrella® fiber with virgin Sunbrella® fiber. Sunbrella® Renaissance yarns unite the best performance qualities of Sunbrella®—incredible durability, stain resistance, and easy care—with a sustainable process that’s good for people, pets and our planet.

As part of their landfill-free manufacturing process, Sunbrella® collects fiber and yarn waste, sorts it into color groups and then shreds it into smaller, reusable fibers. Those fibers are then mixed with virgin Sunbrella® fibers and spun into new yarns. Natural irregularities in color and texture from the blending process result in the creation of a true ‘renaissance’ yarn—beautifully unique, with a character and charm completely its own.

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